Ja sam Mama.
Ilijina i Anjina. Nekim cudom rodjeni smo svi u avgustu. Ilija ima dve godine Anja dva meseca a ja...32 :D.
Volim da pisem, o svemu, zato sam i resila da se oprobam u ovome. Volim da putujem, citam, da se mackam i sminkam, obozavam obucu i odecu.
Radim sa Farmasi kozmetikom i prodajem Emyni parfeme. Pored ovoga imam i redovan posao, ali trudicu se da uvek nadjem vremena da napisem po neki post.

четвртак, 14. јун 2018.


Greetings to everyone,
here I am with a new post, in which I will present some interesting things from the site ZAFUL, and if you visit him, you will find many interesting things.
In progress is A-MAY-ZING SALE, so you should use this opportunity to buy foreground things more favorable.

Since the summer is close to the first thing I watched are bikinis. great choice and difficult decisions.I will gamble you with this lovely bikini, unusual applications, very interesting, modern design and design,in which you will certainly be noticed.

High Cut Pineapple Bikini

The other think i chose is this fabulous texas skirt. Its black and its very fancy you must agree. 
Great for combination, so you can wear it over the day and in the evening for some night out with some interesting t-shirt.
More about you can see if you clik on the folowing link 

 And the last thig i chose is this ineresting t-shirt. Can combinate with a skirt before. As you know i am fan of things with instriptions, this is very crazy i like it very much. The colour is right, i know you will like it too.

More about it you can see if you clik the following link >>>Letter Print Crop Tank Top
I hope that you like my choice, you definitely will find something for you, there is so much interesting staff. 
With love

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